Solar PV

solar pv

Leading Specialists in Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

CareyGlass Solar are experts in the design, manufacture, engineering and installation of solar energy solutions.  With over 25 years industry expertise, a full structural and engineering department, almost 50 years excellence in manufacturing and sourcing of world class components; CareyGlass Solar are the ideal partner for any project.

We offer full support and guidance throughout the entire planning and development process delivering quality-consistent solutions that permit high energy efficiency.  CareyGlass Solar are professionals in our field guaranteeing perfectly planned solar systems to the highest specifications.

CareyGlass Solar offer a range of solar energy solutions, from our standard Photovoltaic modules to speciality photovoltaic units manufactured for your specific requirements.

An organically grown solutions orientated company we are always ready to put our heads together to find the perfect solution for you, we thrive on challenge and constantly have our finger on the pulse of the industry.

Our ongoing investment in research and development ensures, ever improving quality, efficiency and product ranges guaranteeing continuous value for our customers.

CareyGlass Solar will continue to challenge limits through innovation.



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